Thursday, April 14, 2011

Update on Dominique and Spring in Masmolène

So here is a photo of Dominique at 6 1/2 months. She seriously looks like she swallowed a basketball. She has been really good about eating well... not too hard here, in France, I have to say. Lots of good yogurts and cheeses to chose from, not to mention that they subscribe to a vegetable basket program, where they are able to buy a basket of fresh, local vegetables every week. I think lots of communities in the US and France are doing this. Everyone should take advantage of these programs. Not only are the veggies really good, but you are supporting local farmers and gardeners.

We were in Florida for a few weeks. The weather was really nice, and we so enjoyed seeing and visiting with everyone. When we left, it was warming up and I was afraid that we would miss the wisteria bloom, but when we got back it was the first thing to greet us!

We are anxiously awaiting our first visitors. I do hope the weather holds, and especially the evening light. The sky has been clear in the afternoon and when the sun starts to set, the light reflects on the stone of the buildings and against the blue, blue sky, it is sort of magic. After all, we do know that so many painters came here for the light. They were smart, and they knew where they wanted to be. Me too.

This is our lemon tree. We planted it in the old stone sink that used to be upstairs. When we had the bathroom added, the stone mason that did the work, found the sink under a bunch of stones and saved it. It took several men to haul it down to the courtyard. I always think of Angelo Belano when I look at this sink. He was a person who appreciated beautiful things. A lesser man would have broken the thing into bits and never told us that it existed. Now, this beautiful, ancient piece, where a woman washed dishes and clothes (so hard to imagine!) is admired daily, and is home to an Italian lemon tree that is full of delicious lemons! I think we should call them Angelos.