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May 3, 2001 From the original Chocolate Diaries


In this edition of the Chocolate Diaries we have a few photos of Tallahassee to share with you, as well as some recommendations on where to go when you come this way. We have some good information on Jekyll Island, Georgia as well. As you'll see, there's an awful lot to see and do, no matter where we go!

First, a quick reminder for all that Mother's Day is just around the corner. Sunday, May 13th is only one week away! Everyone knows that Mom's love chocolate, so place your orders now!

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Since the main focus of this newsletter is chocolate,let's get straight to the "heart of the matter". Chocolate is really good for us. No wonder we crave it. Our bodies are telling us that we need more chocolate! Do you know that Americans eat nearly 12 pounds of chocolate a year....with women indulging more than men. ( Did we even need to say that?)

Chocolate also contains protein, calcium and antioxidants, which may prevent certain chronic diseases, including cancer and atherosclerosis, and may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. The phenols in chocolate are the same heart-protecting substance that is found in red wine. Even though chocolate is high in fat, the fat is stearic acid, which doesn't affect cholesterol levels. Also, don't forget that dark chocolate has the least amount of fat content.

The scientific name -Theobroma cacao - means "food of the gods." This is probably because of all those "feel good" chemicals like phenylethylamine that bring on feelings of euphoria. But, can chocolate mend a broken heart? Perhaps.


Tallahassee has suffered from an identity crisis for so many years. Everytime we are in France and tell someone that we live in Florida, they automatically think Miami. We then say no, we live in Tallahassee, the Capital of Florida. And they always respond with an incredulous look and say that they thought that the Capital of Florida was Miami!

All of that is changing now, partly due to the long drawn out vote counting last November, when media types from all over the world literally camped out in front of the Capital building for weeks waiting to find out who had won the presidential election of 2000.

So now that we are more globally known, we thought it would be interesting to you-our readers-to know that there is much more to this area than dangling chads, politicians and news-reporters.Tallahassee is captivating in the spring. This year the azaleas and dogwood gave a spectacular show for several weeks. Although we are suffering from a serious drought (we're 50 inches below our normal rainfall level!), we had just enough rain in January and February to produce a fabulous display of spring buds and flowers.

Goodwood plantation was built in the 1830's by Hardy and Bryan Croom. The lovely home and grounds were lived in by decendants of the family until a few years ago. The property was given to the state of Florida and the building and gardens are being totally renovated and restored. When the renovations are finished, the home and gardens will be a showpiece for Tallahassee. Tours are available. Goodwood Museum & Gardens is located at 1600 Miccosukee Road. The

Tallahassee Area Chamber of Commerce has a very informative web site , where you can find just about anything you would like to know about the area.

Special for Chocolate Diary subscribers! If you are coming to Tallahassee, we would love to have you come by our Chocolaterie to visit. Just let us know in advance by phone or email, so we can be sure to be here when you arrive. If we are not in town--such as in the summer-Pierre's chocolates are also available at Au Péché Mignon French Pastry Shop, Market Square Shopping Center on Timberlane Road, ph.668-5533, Open Tuesday-Saturday. You'll think you've gone to France when you taste their delicious croissants, cakes and pastries.

This winter, Pierre was asked to provide chocolates for a special memorial service at a plantation nearby. It seems that the owner of the plantation had loved chocolate and so her family gave a lovely memorial service with chocolates and champagne. The setting was spectacular, as were the chocolates. What a loving tribute!

The Florida Panhandle

The Florida Panhandle is not the glitzy, Disneyesque Florida that is shown in travel agency brochures. This is an area of fabulous wildlife and country lifestyle. About forty-five minutes south of Tallahassee, in the small village of St. Marks is Posey's. Posey's serves up some of the best smoked mullet you can find in north Florida. On a Friday, Saturday or Sunday afternoon you can hear some good country music while drinking a beer and eating the mullet or other fresh, local seafood. Posey's sits right on the St. Marks river and if you can get a table by the river looking west at sunset, you can often see graceful dolphins putting on a show that Seaworld or Disney would envy! Some of the most beautiful beaches in Florida are in this area. The town of Apalachicola has a nifty site with information on hotels, restaurants, rentals, fishing, etc.There is even a section on arranging for your wedding in Apalachicola. Don't forget if you do decide to get married there, that you will need to order some of Pierre's truffles for the reception!

Jekyll Island, Georgia

Jekyll Island, Georgia is located about one hour north of Jacksonville, Florida. Originally a winter resort for a few wealthy families from the north, today the island is open to the public. There are several motels and resorts on the island, but the most striking is the Jekyll Island Club Hotel. Located in the historic district, this 4-star resort is a Registered National Historic Landmark.

We suggest going to the pier across from the Jekyll Island Club for an alfresco dinner of fresh steamed shrimp and/or oysters. The wine list is really basic...actually not a list at all, but the beer list is fine, and the seafood so fresh! As you can probably tell, we prefer fresh seafood over fancy surroundings!

OK, so we didn't find much chocolate in Jekyll Island, but we did enjoy the historic district and the natural setting. This would be a great place for a family vacation. There are miles of nature walks, beaches, boating, and horseback riding. You can get more information at www.jekyll or .


Very Important Notice! We will stop shipping chocolates June 18th, and will resume shipping October 1st. In the meantime, we will keep you up to date on what's new in France this summer. We thank you for reading our newsletter and hope you enjoy it. If so, please share with your friends!

Bon Appetit!

Pierre and Rainey

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