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The original Chocolate Diaries August 1999

Since our website is going to be stopped, I thought it would be good to preserve the original Chocolate Diaries.

The Chocolate DiariesIssue 1August 26, 1999So, here we go with our first issue of the Chocolate Diaries. First, I should say that on our next trip my laptop will be at my side to capture all of the wonderful memories as they happen. This summer was filled with house building as we completed the addition to our home in Provence. But, I must not get ahead of myself.
Shortly, after our arrival in July, Pierre and I drove to Grenoble for a family wedding. Pierre's nephew Jean-Francois was getting married. A great day! And a great night! Except for the jet lag we dined and danced until 3am after a church ceremony and garden photos with the family. Jean-Francois is following in his uncle's footsteps, as a patissier, so naturally there were extraordinary wedding cakes! Bidding farewell to family we visited next with friends Pierre and Brigitte Jouvenal. They are proprietors of Patisserie Jouvenal in La Cote St. Andre, a charming town southwest of Grenoble. The patisserie was orginally started by his grandfather, Emil Jouvenal in 1912.

Attention Chocolate officianado's, the Jouvenals have also started Le Palais du Chocolat. We encourage a visit to this unique museum devoted to chocolate located in a Louis XI chateau on a hillside above the village. (The view of the valley from the chateau is quite beautiful.) There is a well managed display of the history of chocolate and chocolate making complete with oodles of chocolate memorabilia. Most intriguing was the flowing chocolate fountain dispersing the fragrant essence of warm chocolate throughout the museum. We suggest you try the Damnation Chocolate it was our favorite!

Pierre also conducts informative lectures on chocolate two to three times per day. Unfortunately, there is no english translation but he is very animated and there is a slide show as part of the lecture. English speaking guests will also enjoy the museum shop where copious quantities of chocolate delicacies abound made at Patisserie Jouvenal.
After visiting Le Palais du Chocolat, you may wish to go to the Hotel France. The rooms are pleasant and comfortable and we have always enjoyed excellent food in the hotel restaurant.
Hotel France
Place Saint-Andre
La Cote St. Andre 38260

While in the area of La Cote St. Andre are the Caves Cherry Rocher et Musee des Liquers, the Caves de la Chartreuse in Voiron, Saint-Antoine l'Abbaye, and of course the city of Grenoble.

Our Favorite Restaurant!
Perched on a cliff overlooking Lac Leman and situated between Evian and Montreux on the south side of the lake is Restaurant Villa Eugenie, St. Gingolph, Switzerland. Chef Gerard Touron and his wife Edith have created a beautiful setting for elegant dining and serve some of the finest meals we have ever eaten!

Restaurant Villa Eugenie
1898 St. Gingolph, Switzerland
Tel. (0)24.481.21.76

We hope you enjoyed notes and images from our latest trip to France. Please remember to bookmark this page because it is not accessible to non-members from the site. Check back soon for more of the latest on food, wine, chocolate and travel from the Chocolate Diaries. Mail us with your comments!

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